Forthright Spotlight - Stephen J Oliver

Stevie 1 .JPG

Stephen's always been a bit of a worker ant, the type that's necessary in nearly all of what's heard coming from the Forthright music factory.  But his biggest contribution of late is what you may be least aware of: Stephen brings the rain with a mandolin. He farms the garden of strings with diligence and he's the surprise around every corner in his band, Brother Oliver

The 18 year-old Stephen's been playing music with his brother Andrew since 2010 and first showed up on Forthright with a saxophone riff in the 2012 track "Bounce & Roll" (If you've heard it you remember!).  A few projects later he teamed up with Andrew and Dakota Parler to record the Kindred Fellow EP in 2013, where Stephen first wet the toes of a mandolin.

Since that time, Stephen hasn't set the mandolin down once — except to shower and sleep. He picked up speed and created his own style. Even the most musically removed find it hard to ignore the story-telling melodies, and the pleasantly dissonant reinforcements he'll come up with on the fly.

Listen to some of Stephen's work on the mandolin below and keep an eye out for the Brother Oliver album that's gonna drop in the weeks to come.