Forthright Feature: Youth Eternal

Youth Eternal is an Americana-Rock band from Asheville, NC. The band is the brainchild of Jonathan Atkinson and is made full by a very solid group of musicians and friends (Anthony Kirby - drums, Ben Bomer - keys, Mark Klepec - bass, Stephen Livengood - guitar). On stage they appear right at home, and their sound is just as inviting. Jon’s transparent approach to songwriting comes off as nostalgic and uncommonly sincere, and he gives the listener space to enjoy it. In his words, “I think the best art evokes a sense of longing. It might break your heart but it goes beyond simply being sad. Beneath it there's this sense of ‘Hey, maybe things aren't supposed to be this way’.” 

The band recently released the Low Light Sessions, a three song EP tracked live-to-tape. “Most of my favorite records were done that way and honestly it's much more fun and stress free . . . I originally intended these sessions to just be demos, so I intentionally picked songs that were very different from one another to get an idea of what direction the music should go. I think the results were great, if not very cohesive.” Turns out the results of the Low Light Sessions were great and cohesive, and an accurate representation of who they are: honest musicians, in it for the music. (Listen here)