Why is it so quiet?

Paul Walters; Recording voice-overs.

It's been a little bit quiet here the last couple weeks, but that only means it's been noisy behind the scenes. Brother Oliver has been writing and recording their follow up to last fall's record Stubborn Fool (Yes, already! Who likes waiting around?).

Meantime, there's a new Forthright venture on the scene and it's coming in the form of an original cartoon-short, by Paul Walters. The comicstrip-inspired series, Georj, is comically and politcally charged and on course to be here this summer. 

The production train has been a rollin', or at the very least the horn is blowing. Outside of a blown out bridge or a train robbery, we've got some exciting stuff on the way. Stay tuned. 

Cartoon-short, Georj. Coming this summer.