Behind the scenes of Georj

"I felt that, being the proverbial black sheep of an office environment, making Georj a cat living in a world of people hints at the edgy-ness or inherent difference of who Georj is and what he has to say, which is a contrast to the thoughtless ideals of many of his co-workers who simply believe, think, and say what they’re told to." - Paul Walters (Creator of Georj) 

Georj was birthed from the mind and sketch pads of Paul Walters (Creator / Illustrator / Voice actor) and was created in collaboration with Andrew P. Oliver (Co-producer / Audio engineer).  The series was recorded and produced at large in the studios of Forthright Records. 

As season 1 of Georj continues to roll on, take a look at some behind-the-scenes pictures below and don't forget to watch the latest episodes here or on Georj's website.