Forthright Feature: Poet Radio

    Our newest feature is a band by the name of Poet Radio from Asheville, NC. I had the privilege of hearing them perform a couple months ago, during which I felt surprisingly drawn to their sound while being equally drawn to the subtle mystique of their content. 

    The band was formed by Madison “MadMax” Maxwell and Ryan “RyCo” Cole in the beautiful countryside of northern Michigan before migrating south to their current residence in North Carolina. Their music could be categorized as rock, but it’s certainly not limited to that as there are definite jazz and experimental/alternative influences in their performance.  I found listening to Poet Radio particularly satisfying as they delivered elements of simplicity that you could move to, all the while cradled in a very intelligent musical demeanor, lyrically and instrumentally. 

    “Creation breeds self-destruction, there is only so much space . . .If I don’t read your subject, then I don’t see the context . . .Forgive me please, for I know nothing.”

    As a lyricist, I often find it to be make or break. In the case of Poet Radio’s lyrics, I heard depth and forethought. In her own words Madison says, “I want to make people think as well as feel when they listen to my music.” Their song “I’m Clean” was my favorite track off their record Viruses and Shoes, and is exemplary of this lyrical depth. Again, quoting Madison about the song, “What seems simple and straightforward can be laced with complexity. Motivation and expression of that motivation are two things that I think only sync up about half the time . . .” This kind of critical thinking in music is gold to me as a listener. 

    As mentioned, Poet Radio’s latest album is titled Viruses and Shoes. I asked Madison about the album title’s meaning and her response was this: “I named this album after a wish I had for me and my bandmates: that the music we make would spread like a virus, like wildfire, all over the country and eventually the world. And that it will give us shoes . . . to follow it wherever the adventure wants to take us.”  Hearing the record, I found that wish fitting.  

Listen to Poet Radio on iTunes or Spotify, and go to their website to see their show schedule.