Discover the best new songs of September

Take a listen to the Best Songs of September coming out of the Southeast, a playlist compiled by our neighboring counterparts at Future Chord

See what songs made the list and what we had to say about them below:

1. We Roll Like Madmen - "Stressed"  

A deep electronic cut with a touch of trance and a vocal melody you can't get out of your head. 

2. Triathalon - "I Want It" 

Smart and sexy like Matt Damon in Goodwill Hunting.

3. collin thibodeauxx - "Football"  

Clocking in right under two minutes, these slacker pop dudes will have you hitting the replay button a few times over.

4. RBTS WIN - "King Summer"  

Tasteful indie-electronic with a warm, fuzzy vibe that kidnaps you and won't let go—but you're perfectly fine with it. 

5. Muuy Biien - "Bitter Blessings"  

Dark spaghetti western tones trickle throughout to perfectly ring in the spookiness of October.

6. Stop Light Observations - "Idle Hands"  

Big picture, power anthem rock n' roll. You can't help but feel like you're right there at the concert hall. 

7. Dear Blanca - "Some Hearts Never Heal"  

Honest, transparent, gritty rock that cuts through all the modern mush. 

8. Scooterbabe - "Billowing / Eight Month Pillow Fort"  

Tight-knit instrumentation and melancholic indie rock vibes carry this 1990’s-influenced tune to the brink.

9. Old Sea Brigade - "All The Same"  

A forward moving pleasantry that comes off as just right. Not too edgy, not too soft. 

10. Treadles - "Doctor Blind"  

A gloomy, theatrical cover of the Emily Haines original (Metric, Broken Social Scene), this one might keep you up at night.

Track descriptions by Jeremy Theall and Andrew Oliver. Future Chord is an artist management and event production company in South Carolina and a regional partner with Forthright Records