Discover the best new songs of October

Fall is here and it's brought us new music too. Take a listen to the Best Songs of October coming out of the Southeast, a playlist compiled by our friends at Future Chord

See what songs made the list and what we had to say about them below:

1. The World All Around - "Gone Be For Lovers"

Late-night synthpop that splashes and bursts with every turn.

2. Fashion Bath - "Asking Questions" 

In your face, but you don’t mind. As soon as it hits, it’s gone again—like a run-in with an old lover.

3. Orange Doors - "Noggin"

 A quirky, but groovy piece of music—the ceiling is spinning slightly, and so is your head.

4. Wieuca - "Polyp"

The kool-aid is nearly untouchable on this psychedelic dream pop gem.

5. we speak in colors - "whatever works" 

So honest, it’s comforting. Alt-rock that reminds you, you’re only human.

6. Den-Mate - "Poison Ivy" 

Breezy and playful bedroom pop for when you need a lift.

7. october tooth - "sing me down" 

Hopeful, yet dreary. The feeling of a long night you either regret, or are secretly proud of.

8. Suntrodden - "All We Are" 

Staring out the passenger window of the car, you finally get a nice view, and there’s a sunset too.

9. Ancient Cities - "Haunted House" 

This spooky, piano-driven blues rock thriller is perfect for Halloween time.

10. Slow Parade - "Bangs" 

A swift garage rock stomper that'll have you sweating bullets.

Track descriptions by Jeremy Theall and Andrew Oliver. Future Chord is an artist management and event production company in South Carolina and a regional partner with Forthright Records.