Forthright Feature: The By Gods - Phone Calls EP

Play. Repeat. Play. Repeat. Play. Repeat. 

^ That accurately describes my first experience listening to the The By Gods (Alternative Rock from Nashville, TN). There’s a certain nostalgia you cant shake when you’re hearing their songs. They deliver a grit so honest and youthful that it’s elegant — and electrifying. The band's new record, the Phone Calls EP is the perfect heart-cry vibe, all to the shake of a fist.

Musically, The By Gods stick to what works. And their execution goes above and beyond. Their new record is no exception. The songwriting is just right, never a detail too many and never a detail too few (a breath of fresh air in a time when many are trying to do and say far too much).  Lyrically, their songs are succinct and pleasantly malleable. If you can’t relate, you’ve simply made up your mind not to.

Listen to The By Gods. And listen to the Phone Calls EP — for no other reason than to restore some of the sparkle in your eye.