Discover the best new songs of January

We're officially one month into 2017 and it already feels like it's going to be a wild ride. Take a listen to the Best Songs of January, a playlist compiled in conjunction with our friends at Future Chord

See what songs made the list and what we had to say about them below:

1. Sinai Vessel - “Ramekin”

Sensible and sophisticated rock that hits on all the right notes.

2. Chief Scout - “Endlessness”

Find this spacey future pop treasure at the corner of Tame Impala and Toro Y Moi.

3. Promised Land Sound - “By The Rain”

Giant guitars takeover on this psych-folk blast to the past.

4. Flagship - “Mexican Jackpot”

Colorful art-rock that splashes into an anthem for the ages.

5. Daddy Lion - “Maslow”

Durable arena rock measured out to perfection.

6. Kaleidico - "The Dev·il's Itch”

Gloomy folk-pop lurks around every turn of this midnight march.

7. Gold Connections - “New Religion”

Prairie folk rock that sits close to Car Seat Headrest.

8. Eureka California - “Wigwam”

A ticking time-bomb of garage punk madness.

9. Twin Studies - “Rise and Shine”

Don’t sleep on this delightful daydream distraction.

10. Fantasy Guys - “Daiquiri Sunrise”

Plug into a tropical and breezy Nintendo-pop universe.

Track descriptions by Jeremy Theall. Future Chord is an artist management and event production company in South Carolina and a regional partner with Forthright Records.