Q&A with Matthew Logan Vasquez

Matthew Logan Vasquez is rock n' roll artist on Dine Alone Records with a lofty musical resumé (including Delta Spirit, Middle Brother, to name a couple).  His solo record, Solicitor Returns, was one of my favorite records of 2016 and with a new record soon on the way, I thought it'd be a good time to have a chat. 


Andrew: I understand Solicitor Returns was almost entirely a solo effort—with you playing nearly all the instruments on the record. What were some of the ups and downs working like that? 

MLV: Absolutely! I've had a totally blast making Solicitor Returns! The only down side was not having any feedback, but I knew what I wanted going into it. 

Andrew: You recorded and mixed the record yourself — and truly knocked it out of the park. From my own experiences, I know it can be hard to keep an objective vision of a project when you’re the one writing, recording, mixing, etc. Were there any moments of self-doubt along the way on the production side of things? 

MLV: I think you have you have an inner belief to finish anything. There were a few moments where I had doubt about the project but I just stuck with it. I'm very proud of the result.

Andrew: I was laid out on my coach, sick with the flu when I listened to Solicitor Returns for the first time. The first song “Maria” (after the intro) really jumped out at me. What can you tell me about that track?

MLV: Maria is a song about the occult. I actually wrote it on an airplane on those little napkins you get with your drink.

Andrew: I can’t do an MLV interview without asking about “Everything I Do Is Out” — one of the purest pieces of rock n’ roll one could possibly find. Can you tell us about this song and where your head might’ve been when you wrote it? 

MLV: Well thanks for saying that! EIDIO was a song that wrote itself. I was in a place where I needed to reaffirm my belief in that style of music. 

Andrew: You put out a single called "Caveman" a few months back with a killer pre-historic themed video. You kept it pretty low-key as far as the buzz surrounding it online. What the story behind that video?

MLV: The video is sort of illegal considering I didn't get permission to use the footage. That's why I didn't reach out for press on it. I just wanted to make it! I thought it'd be fun.

Andrew: I see a lot of posts on your Facebook page involving your family. It’s nice to see a family man killing the game. What’s it like managing that with the work you do as a seasoned musician often on the road? 

MLV: It's a balancing act for sure. If I'm not on tour in not providing for my family. It can certainly beat you down on both sides of the relationship. I'm lucky I married such a kind and patient person.  

Andrew: I saw you teased on Facebook about a new record for 2017. Anything you can share with us about that?

MLV: On 4/21 my new album DOES WHAT HE WANTS will be released. There's a new single on Spotify right now called SAME featuring Kam Franklin. 

Andrew: Finally, if Matthew Logan Vasquez had a gospel message, what would it be? 

MLV: We're all gonna die and eventually what we do is forgotten so make life good for yourself and others. 

Andrew: Preach.

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