Discover the best new songs of March

We've marched through yet another month and the new music hasn't slowed one bit. Take a listen to the Best Songs of March, a playlist compiled in conjunction with our friends at Future Chord

See what songs made the list and what we had to say about them below:

1. The Sea Life - “Red Eyes”

Better hang on tight as these raucous indie rockers take you for a spin.

2. Bent Denim - “Miss You, Kid”

A chill nyquil pop shout out for the one that got away.

3. Juan de Fuca - “Instructional Video” (ft. Faye Webster)

Gorgeous art-pop arrangements tiptoe to a still.

4. Floating Action - “Weak & Blind”

Hop to the beat on a misty lo-fi sequence.

5. The Francis Vertigo - “Snow Day”

A post-rock jammer with a dash of jangle pop.

6. Faye Webster - “She Won’t Go Away”

Uncork the synth-laden fizz and watch the bubbles overflow.

7. Avi Jacob - “Waiting Around to Die” (Townes Van Zandt cover)

Dust off this swampy blues salute.

8. Lady Legs - “I Don’t Care”

Run far away with this jazzy jangle pop charmer.

9. Jake Xerxes Fussell - “Jump for Joy”

A warm and simple stoop folk ditty.

10. Antlered Aunt Lord - “Walking The Cow” (Daniel Johnston cover)

An indie rock tribute that takes the original to new heights.

Track descriptions by Jeremy Theall. Future Chord is an artist management and event production company in South Carolina and a regional partner with Forthright Records.