Discover the best new songs of April

April showers grew a garden of new Southeast tunes. Take a listen to the Best Songs of April, a playlist compiled in conjunction with our friends at Future Chord

See what songs made the list and what we had to say about them below:

1. Nick Hakim - “Green Twins”

Drowsy soulful pop that’s the perfect late night companion.

2. Thad Kopec - “Half Moon / Distant Shore”

A larger than life art rocker staying three steps ahead of the field.

3. Son & Thief - “I’ll Be Okay”

Crawling out of the gorilla manor unscathed, it has all the elements of a dream folk masterpiece.

4. HotBed - “Oh My My”

Feel good southern indie rock to revamp your summer road trip playlist.

5. Oak House - “Reticence”

Otherworldly psychedelic tones traverse throughout the peaks and valleys of this soundscape.

6. HOTSALT - “Change”

Boyish indie vibes gushing with wistful sentiments.

7. Sealions - “Climbers”

Get whisked away by the fast-flowing dream pop waterfalls.

8. Daddy Issues - “Locked Out”

A buzzy college rock hangover cure for the freshmen.

9. Stay Safe - “Weathervane”

Bashful and true with an emo bent.

10. Nathan Oliver - “Clean Sheets”

Smart and dressed up, like the perfect mate to bring around mom and dad.

Track descriptions by Jeremy Theall. Future Chord is an artist management and event production company in South Carolina and a regional partner with Forthright Records.